Advocacy & Representation for African Governments in Hollywood

Promoting African Interests in Hollywood and Los Angeles

We help African governments and businesses forge relationships and advocate their interests in Hollywood and Los Angeles. A key goal is helping African countries secure greater and more authentic representation in American films, television and other media. An effective way is creating strategies that help Hollywood directors and producers identify, embrace and accurately portray the real and dynamic heroes, histories and stories of African countries. 

We also serve as a bridge between those who are running African entertainment companies and contacts in Los Angeles, who help them increase their business back home. They include producers and directors, theme park operators, entertainment equipment suppliers, and top film schools.

Helping African Governments Develop Incentives to Attract Hollywood Productions  

Hollywood has developed a global reputation for making films that are so expensive that movie-theater viewership often fails to cover the production costs. This is a key reason that many American film makers have been shooting outside pricey Southern California for a couple of decades.

Dozens of governments have developed packages of incentives to entice American movie companies to shoot inside their borders. These include co-production deals, low-interest loans and other kinds of financing, tax breaks, subsidies, and cut-rate travel and accommodations.

Our team at Hollywood-Africa, Inc. has advised a number of foreign governments on how to structure incentive packages to attract international film makers. The goal is to create win-win packages — ones that both benefit Hollywood film makers and spark African economies.