Seeking More — and More Authentic — Films By and About Africans

Although Africa fires the imagination of people around the world, Hollywood has made relatively few films about it — and when it has, it has more often than not struggled to capture the spirit of the continent’s people, cultures, and stories. Some Hollywood movie makers have taken this issue to heart, and are trying to ensure authenticity. But much remains to be done.

A key way we help is commissioning and reviewing scripts to ensure that Hollywood writers, producers and directors create movies that are historically and culturally accurate, reflect the rich, complex tapestry of Africa, and do not foster stereotypes.

We also work with African creatives and governments to tell their stories — about their heroes and their cultures — in compelling ways in Hollywood. We keep an eye out for the latest works of established and new African novelists and script writers. Our experience in Hollywood as well as on the African continent ideally places us to expose audiences in the United States, Europe, Japan and other big film markets to authentic stories by and about Africans.